Our Vision & Mission


Our vision is to build simulation specialists who can advocate and promote patient safety.


We combine Education, Simulation, and Mentorship to achieve optimum patient safety.

Simulation-Based Education (SBE) is the inevitable future of medical education.

Deaths annually caused by Medical errors in the United States .​
Certified Healthacre SImulation Educator
Certified Simulation Operation Specialist
Accredited Simulation centers (Middle East)
Popular Courses

Our Courses

We have the first CHSE preparatory course in the Arabic region. It is an online course that will help our simulationist become a certified healthcare simulation Educator. The simulationist should be competent, and S/he has practiced SBE for two years minimum. 


SimHubs is pleased to announce the CHSOS preparatory course that will help you to pass the exam.

Our Works

Best Solution for Skill Development

The best way to enhance learners’ skills is to improve the interaction between the learners and their environment. Simulation-Based Education (SBE) can support this by providing the experience, getting feedback, repeat the experience till you master these skills. But simulation offers you and our patient safety.

Taking Medical Education to the Next
Level with Technology

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