The field of simulation in healthcare is not new. As it started mainly in the Aviation industry, Armies were one of the other industries that changed the simulation as a success story. Medical education is a new joiner for this zone. With little experience in simulation in healthcare, there is no way to compare the utilization of simulation in medical education in the western region of the world and our region.

For example, the usage of simulation in healthcare in the United States of America (USA) exceeded the usage for education to use it as a reliable and valid assessment tool (OSCE’s, Residency board exam, Nursing board exams,..etc.). On the other hand, our region is still growing in this field. Unfortunately, we have all the required sources to be a pioneer utilizing this asset to get a well-trained healthcare profession (HCP).

We at Simhubs are trying to open windows to improve the learning and Teaching outcomes, especially in medical education, to get this kind of this HCP. If you are interested in boosting our region in this field, please drop any question to share what we have?

SimHubs Team

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